Surf and Turf


Black & White

I spent most of the day yesterday redecorating the guest room.  It was time for a change.  I had a few of the "accessories" already, but they needed to be painted black.  So while they dried, I went shopping to get the bedding and more black fabric.
While at Bed, Bath & Beyond - looking for something to use my 20% off coupon on - I saw the cutest blinged-out wastebasket.  But I wasn't willing to spend that much ($50!), so I got a cheaper one and then blinged it myself when I got home.  (Please say you can see it well enough in the photo.)
I have been off from work all this week.  (Obviously.)  Let's see . . . what to do today . . . .


Memorial Day Weekend

This afternoon I took the shuttle bus down to the Hermosa Fiesta Fair.  Yay!! -- the official start of summer!  I bought this ceramic switch plate to go in my bathroom by the new vanity.  Yeah, I know.  You're shocked.

 And then this afternoon David finished the remodel in the guest bedroom.  (Well, almost.  Still need to redo the baseboards now.)  I had black and white sheer curtain panels that I was planning to use for a party next year, (yes, you read that right...NEXT year) but decided to put them up since this room needed the window treatments sooner than later.  So now I either have to go buy black and white bedding to match, or buy a different color of curtains.  Or just leave them because I'll get busy with other stuff.


Life goes on

We went to Fremont to watch these three kids while their parents were vacationing.

While Papa repaired bicycles, Tanner was right there "helping."
 We decided to remove the door in the downstairs guest bedroom and replace it with a window.   So the afternoon after Mormon Helping Hands day, the construction (deconstruction?) began.  As of today, (May 19) it's all done.  I got a room-darkening blind for it, but now I need to shop for window treatments.  And decide what color.

 Yes, I actually bought this new toilet seat.  Love it!  David didn't mind either.  So there!

 Three weeks before Girls Weekend, I got David to help me decorate for the luau theme.  (Is he a great husband or what?) We put all the wall decorations up on Monday night with painters tape.  Then Tuesday morning we put it all up again (drats!) with staples.

 It ended up taking me three weeks to decorate my house.
 The "spread."  We started the festivities off with food.  Best way to start a party.

 These three little guys got to come this year.  Benjamin (one year old in July), Tanner (2 in July), and Matthew (one in August).

 My train kept them entertained.  As did the palm tree with pineapple lights.

 Me, Michelle, Laura, Kami, Carly, Cheri

 My friend Hilari came over one evening to teach us a hula dance. 

 Saturday morning we helped out at the Revlon Run.

Getting these three to hold still for a picture was like herding cats.

So this past Monday, I undecorated the house.  It looks kinda boring now!  And today David painted in the guestroom, so it looks great.  
Looking forward to summer.
Aloha 'Oe.