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Girls Field Trip

A friend organized a chocolate tasting/making trip and today was the day.  Yippee!  
So off to Beverly Hills we went.  The shop is called "Vosges" (pronounced: vo-zh).  I loved the decor of the shop:  Aubergine-colored and Moroccan designed.  Luv!
 To begin with, there were samples of their chocolate bars to try.  Chocolate with peppercorns, bacon, chili peppers, etc.   I was pleasantly surprised at the combinations.  
 The ceiling was hand painted.
 They seated us around a table and we ordered chocolate drinks.  I had iced white chocolate infused with lavender, lemon and myrtle. (Cue the angelic choir.) 
  Vicki, Katie, me, Kami, Trish
This trip was SO fun because of the friends I was with.  Trust me, I laughed all the calories away.  At least that's the story I'm sticking to.
They gave us jars of milk and dark chocolate ganache and we formed our own truffles.  Then we could roll them in toffee chips, toasted coconut, chili powder (it's good!), curry (ugh), strawberry powder (heaven!), hibiscus powder, dark chocolate nibs, or powdered sugar.
 And we got a cute box to put them in. (But mostly I'm showing off my new ring.  I'm shallow like that.  Bling!!)
My sister Kami and I.  Did I mention that we could eat all we wanted too?
Above:  The truffles that I made.  Arranged all cutsie with props.  I am in Beverly Hills after all.
 What my work station looked like at the end.  (Beverly Hillbilly??)  Nuts, coconut, powders, etc.
 Kami and I.  So fun to have her here this week.  She went home to Vegas right after our outing, so it was the perfect ending to the week.  Come to think of it, chocolate is the perfect ending to anything.
The end.