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General Conference Part 2

There are many things that we enjoy about attending General Conference. Seeing the grandkids from Idaho is among the best.


General Conference

We just returned from a fun-filled weekend in Utah. Going to General Conference is such a part of our lives, that when someone asks if we're going, it makes me wonder why they would even question it. We've always gone. Oh sure, there was an occasional "miss", but it's just ingrained that we go. (P.S. David took the above picture of the temple Saturday morning. When I first saw it I thought it was a file picture. Nope!)

I got thinking about this because a son-in-law says that he wants to take his family next year because General Conference was such an integral part of his growing-up and he wants his own children to experience that also. Then I realized that our own children don't know any different either. Over 18 years ago when David was the bishop, we started going regularly. It was held in the Tabernacle back then (the olden days) and he received two tickets to each session. So the rest of us would take turns going with him. During one cold April Conference, our kids got to see snow falling for the first time. And Adam even built a snowman on the grounds in front of the RS building. {Should I have admitted that?} Once the Conference Center was built and first used in April of 2000, we could all go at the same time. Michael left for his mission the next month and then it's been hit or miss to all be there at the same time. But if it's possible, we seem to gravitate to SLC during Conference weekend. And we have our tried-and-true traditions to uphold also. We know which door to go in at the Conference Center so that we don't have to wait in a line. (If you've gone with us, you know. If not, oh well!) We know which hotel is the best for not having to drive anywhere {Plaza}, and then there's the practically sacred tradition of Priesthood Meeting shopping. Just the girls. (And the baby and toddler grandsons.) And then we all meet up for dinner at JB's where us girls have already been seated and ordered for our men. The food is delivered as the guys are walking into the restaurant. We are nothing if not efficient.

And nowadays its just a fun road trip for David and I. We like to stay in St. George {Tai Pan Trading!} on the way up (thanks Robin & Ed!). That puts us that much further ahead and on Utah time. Then we have to stop at the Cheese Factory in Beaver. Have to. And if the curd is fresh and warm; yum yum. And if they happen to have black licorice ice cream, well, that's heaven. {They didn't this time. Or last time. Trust me, it's divine.}

Then a stop at the BYU Bookstore. Then to the Creamery on 9th to get sugar-free and caffeine-free Mt. Dew. Only place to buy that stuff. Heard the new creamery is open up by the old D.T. dorms, but we didn't take the time to check it out. But did check out Orson Gigy in SLC. Not worth it. But the new Deseret Bookstore -- the "flagship" store in downtown SLC-- is pretty cool. Besides the books (yeah, yeah) they have candy jars. Full of candy for sale. Mint chocolate malted milk balls. And black licorice (finally!) wheels. And I know what you're thinking: she went in to the new state-of-the-art Deseret Book and all she talks about is the candy?? And I'm thinking: do you not know me??

Driving up is always leisurely and fun. Driving home is a pedal-to-the-metal experience. But the memories are the best. Great talks and counsel, being with kids and grandkids, being with my parents this time. Six more months . . .