Surf and Turf


October Update

 We started off the month of October by going to Utah for General Conference.  We also attended a terribly disappointing football game.  But at least we got to spend the weekend with Adam and Stephanie. 
 After Conference, I went to Arizona to spend the week with Matthew and Kate while Carly and Michael went on a vacation to NYC.   And a couple of days later, David went to Florida to spend a few days with Michael, Laura, Jessica, Chandler, Benjamin and Danny.
 At Ron Jon Surf Shop.
 At the BYU/Central Florida football game.  Again, the game was disappointing.
 The game went so late that Jessica even slept in her face decals.

While in Arizona, Matthew, Kate and I spent a lot of time celebrating Halloween.  Their neighborhood decorates like nobody's business and we went on at least two walks a day and night to see everything.

 Spiderman?  Monster?  Captain Underpants?
 At the park.
 He looked so cute taking his nap that I had to grab the camera.

I was home for a little more than a week when it was time to go to Fremont to watch Emma, Tyler, Tanner and Sadie while their parents went to Arkansas to look for a home.   
 It was their ward's Trunk or Treat.  We decorated the car like BYU fans.  (I know, sad now.)
 That Saturday was Macie's 6th birthday, so we went to the cemetery to wish her a Happy Birthday.  The kids always let the helium-filled balloons go so that Macie can play with them.
 On both Saturday and Sunday afternoons their realtor had an open house at their home, so we had to be out of the house.  So on Sunday, we went to the Oakland Temple.  It was a super clear day and we could see the whole San Francisco Bay.
 Leaving grandchildren after I've been with them 24/7 just about rips my heart out.  We have been blessed with the greatest grandchildren on earth.
Next up:  Carly and Michael and kids came for Halloween weekend.  So Spiderman and Minnie got to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

 The next day Matthew got to go to Disneyland for his first time with his parents and his Grandma Kathy.  Kate got to spend the day with me.
 She rearranged my fingernail polish no less than 5 times.
 We went to the beach to dig with the bucket and shovel.
 After her bath, she was chilled and actually let me wrap her up.  I figured she'd try to get out, but it obviously felt good.  She would take her arm out to play with the train and then put it right back inside the blanket.    
 And then she displayed her gymnastic skills all while wearing her "turkey jewels." (A necklace with a turkey and beads.)  {and did I mention that she didn't ask where her parents or brother were all day?}
Such a great month.  Getting to see all our kids and grandkids was the best.  We are so blessed.