Surf and Turf



Adam's 22nd birthday bash

The cousins at surf camp this week.
Right after we took this picture, we went home to begin the birthday party.
The guests at Adam's party were his cousins and one friend from the ward. (a 10 year old friend) Adam said he hadn't had a "proper" birthday party for a couple of years, so he enjoyed all the festivities that were planned for him. And they were definitely geared for the younger guests, but all the adults liked it too.

The birthday had a surf theme, so naturally his cake had a surfer on it.

The activities were as follows: 1) eat dinner (grilled hamburgers) 2) make a "sand castle" out of rice krispy treats 3) break a pinata 4) eat all that sugar. Parents, you can thank me later.

And what self-respecting surfer birthday bash doesn't have a pinata? A surfer pinata!
So there you have it. Going back to the "old" way of birthday parties made for a lot of fun for both kids and adults.
Happy Birthday Adam!


Surf Camp with Adam

I should have used the telephoto lens. Adam caught some good waves.
Adam and Nathan. He is a little young to surf in the real thing, so he directed how this picture should be.

Adam, Mark, Kyle, Andrew, Jacob, Nathan
Five of Adam's younger cousins.

They all had matching surf shirts for their surf camp experience. (custom made by a friend) They were successful all week in getting up on the board. As they would say in Australia: good on them.


Another upgrade

This is the new vanity in our bathroom. It all started with the free pint of paint that Glidden offered a few months ago.
Then it was the buying of a desk/vanity. Next we used the mirror that we had in the downstairs bedroom (which has just been completely repainted thanks to Adam). But if we were going to have a new vanity, it just begged for a new light to be above it. I mean, it's the law, right? So David removed the fluorescent light that was there and to the far right of the wall. That light got moved to a downstairs bathroom that desperately needed a replacement. So off to Home Depot he went in search of a new light fixture. In the meantime, we had some plastering to do to get the wall prepared and to remove the evidence of where the previous light had been.
Then the painting. Two coats. Then new baseboards. And of course, any respectable vanity has a leopard-print tea light holder. {Still holding out for the perfect stool/chair.}
And like I mentioned, the downstairs guest bedroom is still being renovated.
And all because of this "free" pint of paint . . . .



Today Emma and I bought some shatter nail polish and then invited friends over to try it out. {By the way, Emma talked her mom into bringing her down because "I need some shopping time with Grandma.} Smart girl. So tonight, Jill, Maddy, Mckay, Cheri, Emma and I tried it out. We were all a little underwhelmed, but it was a fun thing to try.


Seven (or Eight) glowing stones

Jessica is quite a story teller.