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Christmas Time Decorations

So last year I blogged about some of my most favorite and precious Christmas decorations.  This year I'm going all worldly:

 I used a pool noodle for the wreath.  Then wrapped it in leopard duct tape.  Michael's had a leopard poinsettia and I already had the black and the leopard ribbon.  Voila!

 Too bad all the ornaments aren't easily seen.  There are many shoe ornaments.  And purses.  And leopard.  And leopard shoes and purses.
 One year we received a large, real pine wreath and David put it up over the garage.  The nail has been there ever since.  So this year we used the nail again.

 New this year.  (the hanging ornaments)  And I hated to throw out the Cinderella pumpkin after Thanksgiving.  Color it silver and keep it for Valentines??
Can I make this last until Christmas??  Maybe if I act like a princess I can . . .
I had this manicure for two weeks.  The upkeep was every night and I kept a bottle of red polish in my purse.