Surf and Turf



David and Adam went on the stake scout trip to Havasupi. (Grand Canyon -- 2nd time they've made this trip)   They hiked in 10 miles (downhill) with heavy packs.  Adam was in charge of four 12 year olds from another ward since they didn't have a leader.  He has a better appreciation for Scout Masters now.  They had a great time swimming in the "pools" and jumping from waterfalls.   Four days later they hiked back out.  They hiked in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day. The plan was to sleep at the cars that last night and come on home Saturday morning.   They were so happy to get home.  Oooh -- hot showers, ice cold drinking water, and soft beds.  Heaven.

While the guys were gone, my friend Nancy came down from Santa Barbara and we celebrated her birthday.  She stayed 4 days.  We shopped (I have the cutest Halloween ornaments now!) and she even went to the beach one day with me.  I was off work because my boss was also in Havasupi with the scouts.  For a couple of days that I had alone, I splurged and went for a massage and facial.  I know -- rough life.   Oh - and Nancy brought her shaved ice machine.  I may need one of those in the future.  Need.  In the near future.
August 18th.  Adam's 23rd birthday.  He spent the day painting the house and working out at Gold's Gym with a friend.  The missionaries and one of his friends came for dinner and cake.
Happy Birthday Adam!


Emma's Most Excellent Adventure

  On Saturday afternoon, we were on Facetime talking with Emma and her family and I was describing David's birthday cake that was being made for the next day.  "Chocolate with oreo cream cheese filling, and on top - pieces of Snickers, Rolo's, kit kats, kisses, and chocolate chips.  Emma said, "Don't talk about that when I can't be there to eat it!"  But two minutes later . . . it was a spur of the moment decision to have Emma come and spend a few days.  And since she is eight years old and can now travel alone, and I was off from work for the week, everything fell into place.  I picked her up at LAX Sunday morning.  She was a trooper and went to two Sacrament Meetings with me, plus Primary.  AND -- it was Papa's birthday.  So she enjoyed being here for that.  (And getting two pieces of cake.  "Your mom's not here -- have another piece!")

Enjoying her morning green smoothie.  Fancy, of course.

On Monday, we went shopping for new clothes.  And then to the Westover's for some pool lounging. And then a stop at Yogurtland for FHE.
Tuesday and Wednesday found us at the beach.  Papa came down for his lunch break to play.
Papa and Emma
With very little surf, it made for great swimming.  They even had a seal join in the fun.
Wednesday morning we got up really early and collected sand dollars and sea shells at the beach.  And then we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner that evening.  She enjoyed her peach shake and waffle fries the most.  After dinner, we did mani/pedi's.  Pink zebra on her fingernails and leopard print on the toes.  Chic.
She wanted a new haircut, so we spent Thursday morning at the salon. 
Then it was off to the mall to see Ice Age in 3-D. 
After a quick lunch at home and saying goodbye to Papa, we left for the airport.  It was WAY too crowded and she boarded the plane as soon as we got to the gate.  No time for a teary good-bye.
Her family missed her a lot, but she sure enjoyed her time with us.  All too soon it was over.
We've decided that this is a good tradition for our grandchildren.  As soon as they are 8 years old and able to travel alone, they should plan to spend a few days here with us.  Spoiling is our job and we're happy to do it.
Thanks for coming Emma.  We love you!