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Matthew, Michael and Carly's baby

The family
Matthew with Uncle Adam
. . .and with Grandma


Pictures of the pier (again)

I was planning to put together a post for Thanksgiving before I put Christmas pictures on here, but this is what we have been greeted with each morning this week and I wanted to share. I'll do it backwards and post something pilgrim-y next week.
We're usually down here at 5:30 a.m. when it's still pretty dark, but this morning we were almost an hour later than usual. That may have helped make a better picture lighting-wise. However, the tree on the Roundhouse looks so much prettier when it's dark out.
New this year: Christmas trees lining both sides of the entire pier. Pretty!

Our poor Adam is fighting the snow, sleet and frozen hair in Idaho. As I'm taking these pictures in my short sleeves so early in the morning, it almost feels like I'm rubbing it in and it's a wicked thing to do. Almost.