Surf and Turf



I love this time of year.  My flowers are in bloom and it makes me happy.

 Janet brought me this bouquet of hydrangeas for Easter.  I left them in the house for a couple of weeks and then replanted them outside.

 Frilly iris'.  Love them.
 Hibiscus.  They put me in an Aloha state of mind.
 Pansies are my favorite.  Especially purple ones.
 I have a bunch of calla lilies around the house.
Wisteria.  All too soon they will be gone.  So lovely.


General Conference Trip

We like our road trips.  And going to General Conference is always a great trip.  We have our favorite places to go - and by "we" I mean me.  David is a good sport.
We drive straight to St. George on our first day.  And since it was April, we always meet our tax lady and have dinner together at Golden Corral.  And this time they even had cotton candy!  Ileen and I loved it.

 I checked out the new location for the TaiPan Trading store.  I hardly spent anything in there -- so not as fun as it used to be.

 The outlet stores are a fun place to shop, especially the Van Heusen store.

 We went to see our friends Jack and Loretta and check out their new home in Washington.  It was fun to catch up with them.   We spent the night at Robin and Ed's house.  (David's sister)
We got up early on Friday and headed to Provo.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but the sunrise was beautiful.
 A stop at the Beaver Cheese Factory is a must.  Curd -- yum yum.
 This was a building in Beaver that was picture-worthy. Bricks and wood.  Configured differently than I've seen before.  
 After shopping at Walmart in Orem (LOVE that place!) and Deseret Book, we headed to BYU.  The Bookstore is another fun place that we like.  Okay, mostly me.
 Then we headed up to SLC.  We had tickets to both Saturday and Sunday morning Conference sessions.  I know I always say this, but wasn't Conference the best ever this year?

Adam and his girlfriend Stephanie came down from Rexburg for the weekend.  We got to spend some quality time with them.  (And meet Stephanie for the first time.  Cute girl.)
And now we have October Conference to look forward to doing it all again.