Surf and Turf


A WICKED weekend

Cheri's family came to play at Disneyland for two days.  David and I joined them on one of those days.  We had a great time.  David spent Saturday morning with them at the beach before they drove home.

Tower of Terror.  Me, Tyler, Emma, David.

And then the next day I flew to Vegas for a Girls Weekend.  First stop:  Serendipity for lunch.  And of course, we had to try their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I got the white chocolate.  Yum.
L to R    Me, Ann, (Kami's friend) Kami, Michelle

Jimmy Choo.  That's right, baby!  And no, I did not buy anything there.  (The sales people sure do keep an eye on everyone that comes in the door.  {Caesar's Palace} There was a super cute glittery, blingy pair of dancing shoes that kept saying:  "Melody, Melody!  Buy me!") 
We celebrated Kami's birthday at Macayo's on Friday night.  My favorite restaurant!  It's kind of a dive now, but in "the day," it's where we went after every Saturday night stake dance.  It was the place to be.  Their chips and sauce (sauce -- not salsa) is the best EVER.  I can eat it with a spoon. 
L to R:   Pam (Kami's friend), Kami, me, Mom, Alayna, Michelle.
After Macayo's, we went to Planet Hollywood to see "Vegas: the Show."  It was all about the first days of Las Vegas and the first headliners.  Sammy, Dean, Frank, Elvis, and even Elton entertained us.
L to R:  Mom, Dad, Kami, me, Morgan, Matt, Mason, Shelby, Alayna, Mont

Because this whole girls weekend was centered around us going to see "Wicked" on Saturday night, Kami (the hostess with the mostest) instructed us to wear the wicked colors to dinner.  (purple, lime green, blackAnd she also made each one of us girls a bracelet with those colors in it.  She even had an Etsy lady make us tiny witch hat charms for the bracelet.
We all met at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner beforehand. (avocado eggs rolls --yummmm.)  Then it was off to the new Smith Auditorium for the play.  It was awesome, of course.
This whole weekend was: eat, see a show, eat, see a show.
I flew home early Sunday morning.  Back to life, back to reality.