Surf and Turf


Papa and some of the grandkids took time to swim at the hotel pool in between wedding festivities.
After the wedding, we decided to drive home by the scenic route.  We left Idaho Falls early Sunday morning and drove to West Yellowstone where we attended church with 1000 of our closest friends.  Then we drove through the park with Cheri's family and Spencer's sister and her family.  
We left Yellowstone and drove through the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole.  We wanted to drive back to Provo and go through Star Valley, but the traffic was stopped and we didn't want to wait forever.  So over the mountain back to Idaho Falls we went.  We got into Provo later than we would have liked, but oh well.
And then the next morning we drove to Pine Valley to spend the day with Michael and Laura's family that were staying at my parents' cabin.  
These pictures are so out of order it's ridiculous.  But too hard to change them all.  So here goes:

 On our way home, we stopped in Vegas and picked up Carly, Matthew and Kate.  They spent a few days with us before the wedding open house.  Michael had to work that week but joined us on Friday night for some more wedding fun that weekend.  
One of the days, we went down to Newport Beach and Balboa and went on a boat ride and rode the ferris wheel.
Papa and Tanner 
Cheri's family stayed in Yellowstone for a few days and then came to Redondo Beach later on that weekend for the openhouse.  We all spent Saturday at the beach.  Doin' what we love.

 Kate and Sadie

 Cheri and Spencer.  The funny thing was, before she got on the boogie-board, Tyler was giving her tips on how to do it.  Never mind that she spent most of her childhood in the water doing just that.

 Matthew and Michael

The obligatory picture in Jackson Hole


 Grand Tetons


Wedding Bells

Okay.  It is waaay past time to update this blog.  We had such a fun summer!  The highlight was Adam and Stephanie's wedding in Idaho Falls on July 26th.  And the fact that our WHOLE family was together in one place -- awesome! 
We started the festivities the day before with a wedding dinner at the Shilo Hotel (where we also stayed).  They had set beautiful tables and it was quite lovely.   And we had the exact same menu that we had for Michael and Laura's wedding luncheon 10 years ago at the same hotel.  Super yummy buffet.  (Both of our daughters-in-law are from Idaho Falls.  What are the odds?  But obviously a great place!)  
For the entertainment, we had a cute slideshow of Adam and Stephanie and then we did a surprise song - "I Say a Little Prayer For You" - ala My Best Friend's Wedding luncheon scene.  I think a few people got it. (Ha!)  It was also the first time that we got to meet Stephanie's family.

 Stephanie with her new nephew

 All of our grandchildren.  Cutest grandkids ever.
 Here comes the bride.  And groom.
 Can I just say how wonderful it was to be in the temple and sealing room with ALL of our children?  When I looked around and saw all of them it made me start to tear up.  What a blessing. David's dad performed the sealing.

 The new and improved Hales family

 Sadie and Kate
 Michelle and Sadie
 Adam and Steph with Gary & Michelle's family.  They are ROCK STARS for coming.

Spencer, Cheri, Emma, Tyler, Tanner, Sadie

 At the reception
 Bride and Groom and proud parents.  (Both Adam & Steph are the youngest in each family.  Last wedding for both sides.)
 I have the best-looking kids there ever were.  Seriously.
Emma, Andrew, Gary, Michael, Laura & Danny, Michelle
 (By this time, we were in flats, flip-flops, or barefoot.)
 Michael, Laura, Jessica, Chandler, Benjamin, Danny

 Michael, Carly, Matthew, Kate

 Again, cutest grandkids in the world.

 Michael & Danny; Spencer & Sadie

 They were civilized about it.  I hate when I see newlyweds smash the cake in each others faces.  I mean, how stupid can you be?  (yeah, I have strong feelings about this)

Proud parents
 Chandler, Tanner, Benjamin, Matthew
 Matthew and Sadie  
(There's a little stream on the other side of that wall.  That's what all the facination is about.)
And then the next week, we had an open house/reception at the Hilton Garden Inn here in Redondo.  Again, the food was amazing and a lot of our friends came.  Some from quite far away, so it was a really nice night.
And at the end?  We loaded up the gifts and walked away.  Walked away!  Seriously, why did I wait to do that until the last child?  Heed my words people . . . do it this way and enjoy yourself without all the work.
Anyway, the wedding and all the parties were so fun and wonderful.  We have a fabulous new daughter-in-law and life is grand.  We are so blessed.