Surf and Turf


The last month

At the beginning of February we went to Fremont, CA to see our grandkids and for Emma's 8th birthday and baptism. She was lucky enough to be baptized ON her birthday.

We spent a day in San Francisco at Pier 39.

Emma and Tyler

And then a couple of weeks later we went to Orlando to see three more grandchildren and to celebrate MY birthday. And by the way, all of these children had their parents there too. But let's be honest -- the grandchildren are the draw.

Jessica and Chandler at the park. (Notice how our granddaughters just know how to pose?)

Ready for church.

When I left the house this morning to go running, the full moon was so big and bright that I grabbed the camera on the way out the door. It was beautiful down at the beach. But then, it's always beautiful at the beach.

And in a couple of weeks we are taking a trip to Phoenix to see our grandson Matthew. He is missing us terribly. At least that's what I keep telling him to think. So stay tuned . . .