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Girls Weekend 2013

Every year I host a Girls Weekend.  And each year we have a theme.  This year it was "Black & White: Damask and Dots."
A banner on the front door greeted guests:

Kate (4 months) and Sadie (6 months) got to come this year.

And it was also the first time these cousins got to meet.

Carly and Kate. Me.  Cheri and Sadie
The gang's all here.
Lauren, Kami, Carly and Kate, Cheri and Sadie, me, Michelle

Sadie and Kate in their matching swimming suits.

We did our nails in the color theme.  And have matching damask rings.
On Saturday, we helped in the V.I.P check-in at the Revlon Run.  It's been our "job" for the past 10 (?) years.  Because of a change in management, this was most likely our last year doing that.  However, it won't end "Girls Weekend."  It's a sacred institution!
Every year we take a picture with Arjay Smith and his family.  He always comes up to us, gives us big hugs, talks to us for a long time, and is so down-to-earth.  At the moment he is in the show "Perception."  His family (mom, dad, sisters) are just as friendly. 
The eight of us down on the field in the Coliseum.

David and his girls. 
 We missed Laura this year.  But she has the most excellent excuse for missing out:  she's due with a baby boy any time now.  Exciting!
I go a little crazy with decorating my home for the festivities.  Okay, maybe "little" is not quite accurate.  Let's just say I have WAY too much fun.  The house is transformed.  This is the dining room.  The "wallpaper" is wrapping paper.

The living room. (above)
The piano was turned into a "candy bar."  All the candy was black and white.
Some of the treats.  Top:  white chocolate-covered oreos.  Middle:  sugar cookies.  Bottom layer:  cupcakes.  I had fun baking and decorating.

 The cake was fun to make.  I baked black licorice cake balls and then made a white cake to pour around the cake balls.  I wanted a polka-dot cake and I hoped it would work out.  I decorated it with damask sugar sheets.
 And yes!  It turned out!  The frosting is whipped cream.
 I found some damask pajamas and when I walked into the dining room wearing them, everybody laughed because I "disappeared."  Like walking in front of a green screen.
I didn't include a picture of the bathrooms, but even they got transformed.  And can you believe that I even found black toilet paper?  I know!  And worse yet, I actually bought it!  When I do a theme, I DO a theme!

 Eating out at The Kettle.
 Sadie and Kate in their damask onesies.
It's always sad when everyone goes home.  Especially when the babies go home.  And then the decorations come down and it's back to boring walls.  (But seriously, who has black polka-dotted walls?  Not "normal" people.)    I'll stay busy though, because the preparations for 2014 have already begun.  Yes, you read that right.  And the theme is "Under the Sea."