Surf and Turf


We're going to a huki-lau

In preparation for attending a luau, I have two choices of footwear. The ones below are super cute, but I need an outfit to match them. Dang -- shopping! (you know I'm being facetious, right??)

Carly gave me the following shoes for Christmas knowing that I was in an Aloha state of mind. How cute are they?? Perfect! And they match an outfit I already have.

These are not my "Hawaiian" nails, but just what I did yesterday. Probably would look better if my nails were longer. And if I was ambidextrous.

A hui hou
(Till we meet again)


These are a few of my favorite things . . .

I've been half-heartedly looking for a bench for the vanity and then I found just what I wanted. Where? At Ross! Should have looked there sooner. (And it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than what I had originally found at Pier One. Score!)

I needed (yes - needed) another shelf for my purses, (is it more chic to say "bags"?) so I found what I needed at Michael's. And with a 50% off coupon, it was even better. And then they also had a wooden "key" with pegs to hold even more. It was on clearance. This just keeps getting better. So I got them home, painted them purple, and also added some wooden accessories. But of course. Can't leave 'well enough' alone.

I have kept my manicure things in a plastic tote for quite a few years, but I needed (I use that word a lot) a place to keep my polishes in order to see at a glance exactly what I have. So on to the internet I went to find this caddy. (it was delivered the next day!) At first I wanted a wall mount like the ones in salons, but then I couldn't take it downstairs when others come over to do their nails. This made it easier to just pick up and move. I was telling my sister that if I could see what I have, then maybe I wouldn't come home from the store with my 4th bottle of clear polish. Ha -- I have seven right here! And that's because I condensed a couple of them.
The following picture is a high heel cake server. It was a Christmas present from a friend. (Thanks LaSchelle!) Is it too cute, or what? Definitely another "need" by the way. And another friend even gave me a leopard-print picture frame. (Thanks Janet!) Should have put it in here. And yes, a need.

This was a Christmas present from my friend Nancy. (thanks!) It is the cutest train. We saw them in a shop and I was going to buy it when she stopped me and told me one was already wrapped and ready for me. My grandchildren loved it and it moved just slow enough that even the four month old was mesmerized. But I still would have bought it just for me even without grand kids. Because I'm five.

Today I went to Home Depot to buy some pansies. They had a new one that I hadn't seen before: orange and purple. I wouldn't necessarily put those two colors together, but they look pretty good and I got three packs of them. And three packs of purple. Of course. But before I could plant them, some weeding and pruning was in order. And you know how that goes. Next thing David knew, he was outside with a power saw and doing some major pruning for me. Just cleaning that up is going to take a while.
Happy New Year.