Surf and Turf


An update (finally)

On November 2nd, we added lucky #13 to our quiver of grandchildren.
Lincoln Adam Hales was born.
Our baby had a baby.
And all is right with the world.
And then it was time for the Christmas decorations.  The Manhattan Beach pier is always festive and makes our exercising on the Strand that much more fun.
Christmas cookies for the Hales and Winder Christmas parties.
And then we FINALLY got to meet little 7 week old Lincoln.

(below) At the Winder family Christmas party.
All my brothers and sisters (and most spouses).  We had SO much fun.  I have been blessed with the greatest family.
Joshua and Matthew (and their family) came for Christmas.
Matthew and Kate decorated this little tree in the front yard.
Papa and Lincoln
David at the youth New Years Eve party.  French theme.  "No, honey, I won't include this picture in the blog."    Happy New Year!