Surf and Turf


Meade Glacier

The picture above is us ON the glacier. We had to wear crampons to walk around. The picture below is the glacier as seen from the helicopter. We flew up a little ways before landing. We got to spend 45 minutes exploring the glacier. We could even drink the water flowing inside of it.

Ready to go on the helicopter. That was fun.



We did our first cruise July 10-17. We went with my parents, siblings, and spouses. It was fantastic.


Emma with her little brother.



Tanner will smile when he learns how.


Tanner David

Grandma is up in Fremont being the Grandmother. She is having a great time with Emma, Tyler, Tanner and their parents. The little guy has had a slight fever, but all are recovering. As for me, I am ready to take a road-trip, but it might have to wait until the Labor Day weekend or there-abouts. You can see by the picture that he is wondering where I am.


New grandson

David and I just got back from an Alaskan cruise. It was very nice, but it can wait for a blog entry. The BEST thing that happened last week was: little Tanner joined the family on July 15th. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20". Exactly the same measurements as his older brother Tyler was. And clearly his eyes are saying: Grandma -- when are you coming up here to hold me?? Tomorrow little buddy. Tomorrow.