Surf and Turf


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

 We have a friend in the ward that offered us a suite for Mormon Night at Dodger stadium.  SOOO much fun!  So of course, I had to make cookies:

 Mom and Dad, Gary and Michelle, and Kami came down to enjoy it with us.
 We got there early and gobbled up our Dodger Dogs, BLT salad, chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies, and other assorted snacks provided for us in the suite.

 Other friends joined us too.  Made for a fun party.

David got to be on the field courtesy of Ronnie. And then he also sat right behind home plate with her and some other friends for quite a few innings. If you ever watch a Dodger home game, you can see her.  
David took the picture below while he was waiting to go out on the field.  That's us chillin' on our private balcony.  We even did the wave - just us four.  We are nothing if not talented.
(Michelle, Gary, Kami, me)

 Elder and Sister Holland
 He's warming up to throw the first pitch.  He did a great job of it too!

 David, Ronnie, Ella, and Larry out on the field

 Meeting Elder and Sister Holland and also Elder Hamilton
 And then there was a really good fireworks show after the game.  We had perfect viewing seats.
And now, bring on the Fourth of July!


Grandchildren are the best!

For the past month, we have been able to visit all of our grandchildren.  First stop:  Fremont!
We visited these 4 cuties over Memorial Day weekend.  We also made a visit to the cemetary to honor Macie.
Then we all went to Great America.  It was an overcast day, so it was nice.  (What wasn't so nice was waiting in line to ride a scary attraction and then having them shut it down because it was sprinkling a little just as we got to the front.)  Guess we'll have to go back.
We took turns taking Tanner on rides.

Tyler wasn't all that happy with us for making him go on a scary ride, but he's since been back (they have season passes) and he's gone on it quite a few more times.

The very next week while Carly's husband was in Boston for work, she and her two little ones escaped the Phoenix heat and came to spend a week with us.  And escape the heat they did -- we had "June Gloom" all week.  But they enjoyed just being able to be outside!
One of two days at the beach.

Love Kate's little painted toes.

Damask and dots
Matthew and Papa picked lemons and then he would hold on to one (he actually had a favorite) and let the other one go down the slide ahead of him.  We're talking HOURS of entertainment here.  Who needs toys?  Plant a lemon tree.

 Next stop:  Florida!
We have a new grandchild (#11) that we needed to go meet.  And besides that, it had been a year since we'd seen these guys, so we were overdue for a visit.
 Daniel and Michael
 Papa and Daniel
He's such a little cutie.

We went to the mall (picture below) to enjoy a play place and also to get frozen yogurt.  I think we made that yogurt run three times.  (but who's counting?)  We also saw two movies there.  "Alvin and the Chipmunks:  Chipwrecked" and "Epic."

 David and I took the kids to LegoLand.  Although it was pretty hot and humid, we had a great time.

The kids knew that the above replica was Kennedy Space Center and wanted a picture with it.
 Jessica is holding a white Lego horse and she was able to ride on a white horse.  Catastrophe averted.

Chandler was hilarious his first time driving the cars, but he mastered it pretty quickly.  And then he did this ride about 6 times earning numerous "drivers licenses."

 While Benjamin and I waited for the "drivers," he played with a cup of ice.  That cup got refilled twice and he was in heaven.  Like I said, it was hot.

 On Saturday, we drove to the beach.  (about an hour away)  The cool thing about this beach (Ponce Inlet) is that we could drive right on to the sand!  No schlepping our stuff.  Loved it!

Such a cute family.  And Daniel's first time at the beach.
There's a lighthouse in the background.  More about that later . . .
Papa and Benjamin

We stopped at the Ponce de Leon lighthouse and climbed to the top.  203 circular stairs.  It's the tallest lighthouse in Florida and is one of the tallest in the nation.  And it's still in use today.
There are other buildings around the grounds that we toured also.

On Sunday, Daniel was blessed.  Michael gave him a wonderful blessing.  

Little Daniel.  Such a cuddly little guy.

So there you have it.  Fun times.