Surf and Turf




 Can I just say how fun this weekend was?  The preparations went on for a year (okay, actually MORE than a year.  I'm crazy like that.)

I love working on the decor.  And taking over two rooms this year in order to store all the paraphernalia.  My husband loves when I do that.
In the jungle - the mighty jungle.

 Sharla and I had just been to Thailand, so all the girls got elephant pants.
Me, Cheri, Carly, Laura, Kami, Michelle, Sharla

And elephant purses.
 We missed Stephanie because she had JUST moved to Maui.  (I know, poor thing.)  At least she got to see all the decor before she left.

 No such thing as a party without candy.

 Seriously, every spot in the house was decorated.
 Oh yum.  And the cheesy bread didn't get in the picture.  FAIL!  (We ate ourselves silly all weekend)
 For our field trip safari, we hiked to the Hollywood sign and checked out the Griffith Observatory. 
Such a fun weekend.   So much laughing and visiting and eating.  I love these women!

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