Surf and Turf


The trips continue . . .

We are finished with our traveling. At least for one month. On March 17th we were in Las Vegas for my nephew's wedding in the temple. Mason and Shelby make a cute couple. Below is the photo booth they had set up for their guests. With props.

Emma, Michelle, Kami, Lauren, me, and Katie
The next week we were off to Phoenix to see Matthew. (and Carly, Michael, and Adam) It didn't take Matthew too long to warm up to us.

Apparently, I'm the only one he will cuddle with. He's a smart little kid that knows the way to his grandma's heart. I can SO be bought and bribed.

Last weekend was our semi-annual trip to SLC for General Conference. We had a wonderful time. All of the talks were wonderful and the music was too. The picture below is on Temple Square looking towards the sky bridge linking the new City Creek Mall. It's a pretty cool place.

We joke about how we "checked off the boxes" on this last trip. We drive from home to St. George the first day. Here's our list of what we do, where we go, or where we (me) shop:
1) Tai Pan Trading Easter stuff!!
2) Krumpets Decorations - on clearance.
3) Cheese Factory in Beaver. Yummy curd.
4) BYU Bookstore I shopped while David donated blood. Bought fudge.
5) BYU Creamery on 9th. Famous chocolate milk.
6) WalMart in Orem. I wish we had one here that was this awesome.
7) Plaza Hotel. SLC. Within walking distance of everything.
8) Deseret Book. David bought a book. I bought candy. (Am I the shallow one in this relationship??)
9) City Creek Mall Wow. Creeks, waterfalls, fountains, fish. Water galore. Oh - and shopping.
10) General Conference Awesome. We went to the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions.
11) Priesthood Meeting Shopping A sacred institution. A tradition for 30 years. Went with my sis-in-law and her two girls. Fun!
12) Dinner at J.B.'s after Priesthood Mtg. Us girls get there a few minutes early and order for the guys. The guys and the food arrive at the same time. Efficient! Tradition. Even Michael called us and said, "You're at J.B's, right?
13) Driving to Vegas and spending the night before getting up at 5:00 the next morning to drive home. This time, we had snow the whole way from SLC to St. George. Made it a little more exciting. I think we prefer "boring."

We get a few weeks at home now before more planned trips. Ahhh. Life is good.