Surf and Turf


Well, summer 2015 is almost over. (Boo! My favorite season.) So this will be a recap. 
We did a lot of fun things, but the best part of our summer was getting to see all 
of our kids and grandkids.
First stop in June:  Arkansas.  Wirthlins.
Above:  At Crystal Bridges.  

Boating and swimming at Beaver Lake.

Emma, David, Tyler

 And then in July, the Byram's came to visit.  It was fun to go to the beach with the kids and enjoy a great 4th of July.  Even if Kate was scared to death of the fireworks.


Kate, Papa and Joshua, Matthew

And then the Wirthlin's came here to visit.
 Collecting sand dollars.

In August, we went to Rexburg, Idaho to see Michael and Laura's family and Adam and Stephanie.    (Their baby Lincoln will be making his appearance in October.)
Papa, Benjamin, Chandler, Danny, Jessica
 Chandler got to go shooting.

 Jessica. (above) Ever the climber.
 The guys did an 11 mile hike with a 4000 ft. altitude gain.
The Tetons are behind them.  It would have been even prettier, but most of the state was covered with smoke from fires all over the north-west states.

We took a quick trip to Vegas and I got to see the show La Reve with my sister Kami and her friends.  Way cool.  And even better: free tickets / front row.  
 I also spent some time making sugar cookies.  Over 100 cookies for a wedding, and just a few for a Chinese-themed dinner.

So I will end this summer the same way I started it:  going to the Hermosa Beach Fair.