Surf and Turf



Our entry for the ward Trunk or Treat.  BYU fans.  Go Cougars!

 General Conference.  Hales cousins.  (Adam is with his girlfriend Stephanie)
 David and I took a trip to Gilbert to see the Byram's.  These two pictures were at a pumpkin patch.

 Sugar cookies.
 Janet, Karen, me, Cheryl.  This was at a farewell party for Karen and Larry.  They are moving to St. George.  So sad to see them go.
 My mom and Kami came for a quick Girls Retreat.  They flew in on Friday afternoon.  First on the agenda (after snacks, of course) was pedicures.  Lovin' those massaging chairs.
 Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Solvang.  We spent the day there shopping. My friend Nancy joined us.  After driving back to L.A., they flew back home Saturday evening.

Okay, so for the title of this blog.  Musings.  I had a list of things to "muse" about, but I can't find the list.  Now to remember what they were.  I'll try to remember.

1.  I am loving the Hallmark movies this time of year.  So nice and sappy and predictable.  I wish they would resolve a little bit sooner than the last 30 seconds of the movie, but I'm still a sucker for "happily ever after."   I can enjoy most of a movie, but if it doesn't end in the perfect way that I think it should, then I will say that I didn't like the movie.  David teases me about this.  Doesn't matter if it was a great story and kept me engrossed 90% of the time.  No happy ending = bad movie.

2.  I love the Christmas music that is on the radio 24/7 now.  And it even started on the 15th!  Love it!  Although I wait to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, I still appreciate the holiday tunes.  And very soon another station will do the same thing.  That way I can go back and forth and avoid those stupid commercials.

3.  And speaking of music:  I've heard "Do You Hear What I Hear" and "Feliz Navidad" enough already.  Once is enough for the entire year.  But my two favorites are "The Christmas Song" by Al Jarreau and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Vanessa Williams and Bobby Caldwell.  Any other version -- I don't like it.  The instrumental parts of both songs are amazing.  I could listen to them a lot.  And today at work - where we have it tuned to the Christmas station - both songs came on one right after the other.  Yay!

4.  And speaking of work (in a dental office):  I don't judge people by the color of their skin.  I judge people by the color of their teeth.  :-)

5.  I think it's kind of nice that I still need the air conditioning on in the car in the middle of November.  We live in paradise.  And maybe it's just a little bit wicked for my friends freezing back east.

6.  So looking forward to seeing 6 of my grandkids for Thanksgiving in Las Vegas.  David also gets to see Jessica this weekend for the BYU/Notre Dame game in South Bend.  Lucky girl gets to travel with her dad and go to the game.  She has researched things to do in Chicago (where they are all flying in) and so their schedule is full.  David's brother and his sons will also be there.  And then David will be traveling to Orlando (Oviedo) in December to see the rest of the Florida grandkids.  I miss those four little cuties.

7.  Looking forward to the annual Temple Devotional this Sunday.  Mostly I LOVE hearing the Southern California Mormon Choir.  They are awesome.

8.  This time of year I have to have peppermint bath gel and body cream.  Why?  Because I'm weird like that. And I even had a coupon to Bath & Body for a free one.  Lucky me.

9.  A friend dropped by this week with some dinner.  Complete surprise.  Being able to come home from work and not have to think about what to have (and then prepare it) was the best gift ever.  I think I will "go and do likewise."    Happy Thanksgiving.