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Christmas 2011

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Home for the Holidays

The tree in the living room. Every ornament has a memory or a meaning. (I collect ornaments.)

"I just know that Grandma will have candy in those jars on the piano." Smart kids. And it's obviously my job to spoil them. And keep the jars filled.
This is the purple tree on the landing at the top of the stairs. It's been two years since I put it up. Years ago I had this as the "main family tree" and after Christmas the kids pleaded, "Can we have a family tree again?" (Meaning: use our OWN ornaments?) What -- Christmas is about kids?? So this was the answer: do TWO trees. So this is known as MY tree.
In looking at this, it almost looks like a shrine to shoes. Mostly purple shoes. And leopard print. Well, yes - I like shoes and leopard. These stockings and most of the shoe ornaments were given to me. (one cute purple stocking is downstairs as a decoration) And so I was clearly forced to display them in a way so as not to make the givers feel bad. Clearly.