Surf and Turf


Christmas 2011

Wonderful Food
Christmas Lights



Home for the Holidays

The tree in the living room. Every ornament has a memory or a meaning. (I collect ornaments.)

"I just know that Grandma will have candy in those jars on the piano." Smart kids. And it's obviously my job to spoil them. And keep the jars filled.
This is the purple tree on the landing at the top of the stairs. It's been two years since I put it up. Years ago I had this as the "main family tree" and after Christmas the kids pleaded, "Can we have a family tree again?" (Meaning: use our OWN ornaments?) What -- Christmas is about kids?? So this was the answer: do TWO trees. So this is known as MY tree.
In looking at this, it almost looks like a shrine to shoes. Mostly purple shoes. And leopard print. Well, yes - I like shoes and leopard. These stockings and most of the shoe ornaments were given to me. (one cute purple stocking is downstairs as a decoration) And so I was clearly forced to display them in a way so as not to make the givers feel bad. Clearly.



Matthew, Michael and Carly's baby

The family
Matthew with Uncle Adam
. . .and with Grandma


Pictures of the pier (again)

I was planning to put together a post for Thanksgiving before I put Christmas pictures on here, but this is what we have been greeted with each morning this week and I wanted to share. I'll do it backwards and post something pilgrim-y next week.
We're usually down here at 5:30 a.m. when it's still pretty dark, but this morning we were almost an hour later than usual. That may have helped make a better picture lighting-wise. However, the tree on the Roundhouse looks so much prettier when it's dark out.
New this year: Christmas trees lining both sides of the entire pier. Pretty!

Our poor Adam is fighting the snow, sleet and frozen hair in Idaho. As I'm taking these pictures in my short sleeves so early in the morning, it almost feels like I'm rubbing it in and it's a wicked thing to do. Almost.


Full moon

David and I went down to the beach this morning to run and because the moon was full and bright, we brought the camera. I really, really, really wanted my shots of the moon behind a lifeguard tower to turn out, but it was still too dark outside and I had a hard time finding a stationary place to set the camera so as not to blur it. So I had to settle for these pictures.
These shots were taken a minute apart but with different settings.


Pine Valley / General Conference

We went to General Conference over the weekend. On the way we stopped in Pine Valley, UT where Mom and Dad Winder have a cabin. We met Spencer, Cheri, Emma, Tyler and Tanner along the way and spent a night there. Below are some pictures we took on our hike Thursday afternoon.

(These kids went to the BYU football game on Friday night.)

Here are pictures in front of the cabin.

And here is Emma and Tanner at Temple Square on Saturday.


Rise and Shout

"...Loyal, strong and true
wear the white and blue."

David and I got to attend the BYU Alumni Chapter Chair training again this year. Although we gave up the "chairship" (is that a word?) in January, the new Chair couldn't go and asked if we'd like to. Of course -- it's the best part of the "job!" (We're still on the board.)
So we flew to SLC on Thursday morning. After meetings and training Thursday afternoon, we got to hear from President/Elder Samuelson at dinner that evening. He is so eloquent and the perfect man for the job. (President of BYU)

Me and Cosmo (And yes, my grandchildren will be jealous.)

On Friday, we got to tour the new BYU Broadcasting Building. It is the most technologically advanced building in the world. (Really.) David was pretty excited to see the place and we even took a picture of him sitting on the same chair that Jimmer did when he visited the set of "True Blue." Our tour guide said that it won't be disclosed how much money was put into that building, but he was told from a reliable source: "Think of a very, very high number and then go north. And then go north again. And again." (And not one penny came from church funds.)
Friday evening we had a tailgate party and Cosmo joined us. Gotta love Cosmo!
Then it was off to the game where we FINALLY PULLED IT OFF AND WON!!!! So exciting!

This was about 30 minutes before the game started. And by the way, David was happy about being there. Happier than the picture shows.
This morning (Saturday), Athletic Director Tom Holmoe spoke to us at breakfast. He talked about athletes, games, coaches, integrity and the Honor Code. What would this world be like if all schools had - and upheld - an honor code? I'm just wondering out loud. Back to Tom. Yup -- he's "Tom" to us. He says everywhere the Cougars go, they have a strong presence at the games and the other athletic directors wonder why. (There have been many times where the BYU fans outnumbered the home team fans. The HOME TEAM for Pete's sake.)
My heart swells with pride for this great university. We are so blessed to have had every member of our family attend BYU. We definitely bleed blue.

"...we'll raise our colors high in the blue
and cheer the Cougars of BYU.
rah rah rah rah rah
goooooooooo COUGARS!"


What we've been up to

David went to Oviedo, Florida (Orlando) for Benjamin's baby blessing. Laura's parents went too.

Nap time. Again.

Quality time with Papa.
Jessica, Benjamin, Chandler

Saturday outing to Cocoa Beach

Michael and Chandler pontificating about the meaning of life.

Maybe life isn't so complicated after all.

Building a sand castle.

Fredricka the Frog. Named by Jessica. Not feared by Papa. Caught by the front door.

I spent a few days in Nashville holding, cuddling, and kissing little Matthew Michael. I was a happy camper. (He'll soon be moving to Phoenix, so at least he'll be closer to us!)

Stake Conference is this weekend, so I did the flowers to reflect the 9/11 Patriots Day holiday.
The above flower arrangement (and its twin) are on each side of the podium, and the ones below are on the outside corners.

We are back to our empty nest. Adam is back in Rexburg for the fall semester.
We had a great summer visiting all of our children and grandchildren. Fremont, CA.
Oviedo, FL. Nashville, TN. They are the light of our lives.



Adam's 22nd birthday bash

The cousins at surf camp this week.
Right after we took this picture, we went home to begin the birthday party.
The guests at Adam's party were his cousins and one friend from the ward. (a 10 year old friend) Adam said he hadn't had a "proper" birthday party for a couple of years, so he enjoyed all the festivities that were planned for him. And they were definitely geared for the younger guests, but all the adults liked it too.

The birthday had a surf theme, so naturally his cake had a surfer on it.

The activities were as follows: 1) eat dinner (grilled hamburgers) 2) make a "sand castle" out of rice krispy treats 3) break a pinata 4) eat all that sugar. Parents, you can thank me later.

And what self-respecting surfer birthday bash doesn't have a pinata? A surfer pinata!
So there you have it. Going back to the "old" way of birthday parties made for a lot of fun for both kids and adults.
Happy Birthday Adam!