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Dang -- they don't come in pink or purple? What is wrong with these people??


Fremont Weekend

I have plans to visit all my grandkids this summer, and the first stop was to see the Wirthlin's in Fremont. They had a lot going on, so it seemed the perfect time to go. The plan was to first go to Tyler's T-ball game and then Emma's dance recital on Saturday. Tyler's game got rained out, so it was off to the recital. Here's a picture of us playing with Tanner before the dancing began. (which was really good, by the way):

Emma's dance was way too cute. "The Codfish Ball." She, of course, was the best one.

Right before church.

Quiet time after church with Tanner and Tyler.

On Saturday, David helped Cheri and Spencer put up the back-splash behind the stove-top and then Monday morning, Cheri and I grouted it. Crown moulding was the next project and it went up in the kitchen and dining room. That took the rest of the day.

That evening we went to Tyler's rescheduled T-ball game and watched him for a couple of innings. (They also got their trophies.)

You gotta love this well-dressed coach that clearly came straight from work.

After he made an impressive hit (coach pitched, no less), David and I left, arriving home at 11:30 p.m. Fun trip.