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Epic Girls Weekend 2014

Girls Weekend 2014
Under the Sea
 Another year has come and gone.  And I must say:  it was the best year ever.  It was so dang fun!  I think it was the best because everyone was here this year.
I spent over a year thinking about and crafting for this theme.  It was way too much fun.
The picture below is the piano all decked out with candy for the theme.
 The dining room was turned into an aquarium - thanks to scene setters that got stapled to the wall and over 60 fish taped on to that.  Not to mention the many fish and shell ornaments, seaweed and fishing nets that hung from the ceiling and chandelier.

Little Danny got to join in this year.  (He was the reason his mom had to miss last year.  Best reason ever.)
He did everything with us except paddle-board.  And then he was Papa's little buddy.
 Back to the decor.  This mylar balloon was bigger than I expected it to be, but luckily the grocery store didn't charge me an arm and a leg to fill it.
 After I took the picture of the cookies, I realized that I left out the cutest ones.  A blue seahorse and pearlized sea shells.  Oh well, trust me - they tasted good.
 Yes, I bought real fish for this weekend.  Still alive too.

 So "Mermaid Munch" is popcorn that is coated with white chocolate.  In this case, white, purple and blue.  I wish it wasn't as yummy as it is.  Kind of dangerous.

 Little boxes with candy treasures inside.
 Everyone got a hand towel with a toothbrush, paste and floss 
tucked inside.  
 A closer look at the piano with the candy on it.

 The living room.

 On the front porch.

 Over the garage.
 Hanging from the flag pole.  My 3 1/2 year old grandson Tanner ended up getting the shark.  It was a great conversation piece with my neighbors for a few days.  Not every day you see that.

 The gangs all here.
 Front row:  L to R.   Carly, Laura & Danny, Stephanie, Cheri.
back row:  me, Sharla, Kami, Michelle
 We had a bridal shower for Stephanie.  She will be marrying into our family on July 26th.  ANOTHER perfect reason for a party.
So we decked her out like a bride and gave her a bride's hat complete with a veil and a new fancy bracelet.   For a "game," we asked her questions and compared her answers to what Adam had said.  They pretty much answered the same.  I guess it's meant to be!

 One of the days of our epic weekend, we traveled to Solvang.  
Below is a picture with my girls.  
 After shopping in Solvang, we went back to Santa Barbara and ate dinner at
The Red Pepper.  Best Chinese food ever.  My friend Nancy introduced David and I  
to this place years ago.  As you can see in the picture below, they had a table
that was more than ample for the 10 of us.  Nancy spent the day with us in Solvang 
and also called the restaurant (where she knows them well) and 
made the arrangements for all of us.  Do we need menu's
here?  Nope.  We got this.

 On Saturday morning, we walked the length of the Strand.  It was cool and pleasant.
Then while we had breakfast at home, the fog cleared and it was 
beautiful and sunny and perfect weather for
 Me, Kami, Michelle
 Carly, Stephanie, Cheri, Laura, Sharla
David took this picture with his telephoto lens.
This was all done at the Redondo Beach Pier.
We got gelato for lunch - oh yes we did - and then walked around.  A couple of young boys had just caught these crabs and let us hold them if we wanted to.  Sharla wanted to.
Then we stopped at T's Toe Rings & Gifts.  Next thing we know, we all got toe rings.
Sometimes peer (pier??) pressure can be a good thing.  Because just look how awesome our feet look!

Our official stand-up paddleboard picture.  We all stayed dry, so woo hoo for us.
After our foray at the Pier, we went home and finished up crafts.  Everyone made seashell soaps and decorated their picture frame for our official Girls Weekend picture.  (All pictures are "official" if you haven't noticed.)
And then it was time for them to pack up (yeah, good luck getting everything crammed into your suitcases) and head off to the airport.  Such a sad time when everyone leaves.
I'm lucky I have such a great husband who puts up with all this major partying.  
Next year's theme?  Arabian Nights!