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Spring has sprung

I meant to post this two weeks ago and got lazy. The daffodils and iris bloomed early this year, and they are still going strong. Even the calla lilies are keeping my vases full.
When the daffodils bloomed for the first time many years ago, they faced the house. Like, don't they know which way is "out?" But now I get quite a crop of them each year. (facing the right direction.)
My garden always has plenty of pansies. It's a rule.

I transplanted the hibiscus a couple of years ago because it was getting too big for the planter. I pruned it to within an inch of its life, but it is now thriving in its new home 20 feet away.

My parents always had iris. They have a distinct fragrance and whenever I smell it, I am instantly back at my childhood home on Cull Canyon Drive. Funny how that happens.

And today I noticed that within the week the amaryllis will bloom. The Easter lilies won't be far behind. Can I just say how much I love living where I can have flowers all year long?