Surf and Turf


Full moon

David and I went down to the beach this morning to run and because the moon was full and bright, we brought the camera. I really, really, really wanted my shots of the moon behind a lifeguard tower to turn out, but it was still too dark outside and I had a hard time finding a stationary place to set the camera so as not to blur it. So I had to settle for these pictures.
These shots were taken a minute apart but with different settings.


Pine Valley / General Conference

We went to General Conference over the weekend. On the way we stopped in Pine Valley, UT where Mom and Dad Winder have a cabin. We met Spencer, Cheri, Emma, Tyler and Tanner along the way and spent a night there. Below are some pictures we took on our hike Thursday afternoon.

(These kids went to the BYU football game on Friday night.)

Here are pictures in front of the cabin.

And here is Emma and Tanner at Temple Square on Saturday.