Surf and Turf


Think Pink

Kate Emily Byram joined our family last week on the 16th.  She's our 10th grandchild.  What a little cutie.  
I got to Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon and Michael and Matthew came to the airport to pick me up.  Matthew calls both David and I "Papa" and every time I turned around in the car to wave or say hello, he would smile and whisper "Papa."  Love that little thing.  We went straight to the hospital to see Carly and Kate.  She had a cute little pink bow in her hair and Carly was so excited to show her off.  

 Little Matthew has no idea yet how his "only child" world is going to change.
Kate is 5 days old here.
This picture was taken right before I left to go home.  I always hate leaving after being with the kids.  Matthew was my little buddy for the 5 days and it just rips my heart out to leave.  We went for a walk every day, went shopping most days,  read countless books, played with blocks, and watched lots of Baby Einstein.  He and I shared a room and when he would wake up in the morning, he would stand up in his crib and I would say, "Good morning, Matthew."  He would get a huge grin on his face and say, "Papa!"
So here's to the new and improved Byram family.  And the Hales family too.