Surf and Turf


Happy Birthday David!

Today we celebrated David's 54th birthday. We grilled steaks for dinner and then we had the obligatory picture with the cake. {And no, I don't believe in putting 54 candles on a cake. After 13 years old, it's ridiculous.}

And the obligatory 'blowing out the candles' picture.

Then he opened presents. He got gift certificates to Cafe Rio, Outback, and Applebees, new wing-tip shoes, running shorts, and DVD's.
I don't think he's looking any older; in fact, he keeps getting even more handsome every year. And I'm not just saying that because he's the one holding the gift cards to yummy restaurants. No sir-ee bob. It is true! And I'm the lucky one. Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!

From David: I am married to the most wonderful girl in the world. She makes silly celebrations like birthdays amazingly fun, even for an old guy. And by the way, it was the best cake I have ever had.


Go Dodgers!

First of all, Adam is home for 7 weeks! We picked him up from the airport, went home to change clothes, and then back on the road to Dodger Stadium for Mormon Night. We have a friend in the ward that rents a suite for Mormon Night and we got invited. (She kept her regular seats right behind home plate.) So as far as I'm concerned, this is the only way to enjoy a MLB game.

The room consists of 7 television screens. You can sit in the "living room" on the couch to watch, sit up to the bar (above) and watch the game, or sit outside on the room's two rows of stadium seats. We pretty much played musical chairs all night.
We dined on Dodger dogs, chicken wings, potato salad, sandwiches, chips, caesar salad, popcorn, cookies, and peanuts and cracker jacks. And then there was an awesome fireworks show afterwards.

Oh, and then there was a game being played . . . .


Florida trip

I spent last week in Florida with these three little cuties. (and their parents too)

Jessica is such a good big sister to little Benjamin. She starts kindergarten next month and will be sorely missed by her brothers. She kept me entertained all week with her story telling (made up completely on the fly), dancing and singing in Spanish. Her version of Spanish. Hilarious!

Chandler is armed and dangerous. (We had way too much fun with those water guns.)

The boys.

Getting a picture of a newborn smiling was just random dumb luck.

Is that the cutest little face??

Jessica is more tech savvy than I am. (I can't even compete with kindergartners anymore!) I think Benjamin should just get used to being posed for pictures. With dolls.

Chandler was my little buddy. We read books and told stories all week. And the kid is a fish in the pool! {And the day I left, I found him unpacking my suitcase with a vengeance. How sweet is that??}

The week went by quickly and it was hard to leave. When you're with the kids 24/7, you get attached. And then it makes it so hard to leave and there are tears. Mostly mine. But thanks for letting me come and play!



Tanner -- 1st Birthday -- July 15th

Benjamin with Grandma. One week old


We took a quick two day mini vacation to Las Vegas to see family. Melody was able to shop, eat out, and swim. I, on the other hand did what I like which was work on a few handyman projects for my parents. I was also included in the dinner as shown in the photos.