Surf and Turf


Rambling thoughts

With the Oscars coming up this Sunday (who cares?), I thought of an idea: You know how when the winners are giving their boring thank you speeches -- (does anyone know who the Hollywood Foreign Press is?) -- and if they take more than 30 seconds the music starts playing over them? Could we make that work at church? If you go over your allotted talk or testimony time -- the organist starts up. And it keeps getting louder if you don't have the smarts to zip it. Help or hindrance? All right, all right -- not the reverent thing to do, but entertaining, no?


Melody's 50th

These are the wonderful friends that threw Melody a birthday party. Janet, Karen, and Cheryl. They made a great dinner. Cheryl hosted the party at her beautiful home.

Karen makes two of Melody's favorite desserts: angel food cake with a custard-type frosting. And also honeymoon squares. (I think she hid those when she got home.)


Happy Valentine's Day

These cookies were for the YW in my ward today. The lesson was on loving ourselves and others. The main point was that we can't love and serve others if we don't love ourself first. As daughters of God, (and sons too) we are of royal birth. Hence, the crown cookie. Behind each crown was a heart cookie.


Tee Ball

Tyler is going to play for the Seadogs. Love the name.