Surf and Turf



So the recovery is taking longer than David thought it would. Technically, he's right on schedule, but he was thinking he would be back to normal within one day; running, lifting weights, and drag racing. (Okay, I just threw that one in there to see if you were paying attention.)

He prefers Motrin and has learned to take it religiously or pay the consequences. He's still a tad swollen, but no one has noticed unless it's pointed out. He keeps asking, "Now tell me again why I needed this done?" It's one of those "in two weeks you'll have forgotten all about this" sort of thing. Now go drink your chocolate/strawberry/banana shake.


Wisdom (or lack thereof??)

Today David had his wisdom teeth taken out. Actually, three of them. One was removed a year ago. He was put to sleep -- the first time he's experienced that. He didn't know if he wanted to be put under or not, but enough of us convinced him it would be for the best. And in speaking to the oral surgeon afterwards, we're all glad he chose that route. The roots were curved, and one was really curved and required cutting into the bone to remove it. He was told that the recovery for that one tooth would feel as if it had been impacted to begin with. And it's obvious which one it was (his bottom left) because the cheek is a tad swollen there.

As you can see, they gave him a cool ice pack. The ice hits right where it should and it has velcro at the top to hold it in place. SO much nicer than the two separate ice packs our kids were given and tried to keep in place.

He was starting to feel a little pain two hours ago, but after taking vicodin, he's feeling better. And I'm sure the chocolate In-n-Out shake didn't hurt either.

So he'll be doing the soft food thing for a few days and seeing how it goes. (And they gave us a professional discount. Love that part!)

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep.




April conference

It snowed in Salt Lake City Sunday morning. Winter in April.

Before the Sunday morning session.