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Girls Weekend 2015

Salem!  (That's "hello" in Arabic.)   What a fun weekend we had this year.
Our theme was:  Arabian Nights.
Here's the formal invitation:
So on the Saturday before, the Bedouin tent was started in the front yard. 

It took lots of fabric to transform it into what was imagined in my head.

What's a party without sugar?

White and milk chocolate camels.  Of course.

The finished tent.

My talented daughter-in-law Laura (with help from the other girls) decorated the cookies for me.

The group. 
Top row:   Stephanie, Carly, Laura, Cheri
Middle:   Michelle, me, Kami
Front row:   Katie, Emma, Jessica
Last year we all got toe rings at T's Toe Rings on the Redondo Pier, so Jessica needed one this year.  Here she is being fitted.
Aarika came to teach us bellydancing.  Way fun.
Kami brought a ton of beads and we made bracelets and other jewelry.  We had Aladdin lamp and camel charms to add to our bracelets.  So cute.
On Friday we all took a harbor cruise in Long Beach.  Even David and Adam got to go.
We had so darn much fun that two-month-old Joshua was plain tuckered out.

Carly and Joshua, Cheri, Emma.  Long Beach.

Danny, Laura and Jessica.  Long Beach.
Jessica, Emma, Katie
Everyone leaves and we take everything down.  How depressing is this??
What a fun weekend.  Love these girls.
Next year's theme: