Surf and Turf



 Every once in a while I think I should update my blog.  But then I think:  with what?  What have we done that is blog-worthy?  Which then makes me smile.  We are CONSTANTLY busy.  And with cool stuff I might add.  I notice that other people put the most random and dumb things on their Facebook pages and I think, seriously -- you think people need or want to know THAT?  And posting something every day?  Oh my gosh, don't get me started.  And so I don't want to fall into that category either.  But we really do fun stuff and since this is more like my own scrapbook, here goes:

David, Michael and Jessica went to South Bend to the Notre Dame/BYU game in November.  Super fun.  Super cold.

Did I mention that they F-R-O-Z-E?

For Thanksgiving, all of us except for Michael and Laura and fam went to Las Vegas.  Adam brought his soon-to-be fiance Stephanie to meet everyone.   Love that girl!  In the picture below, Steph is pictured on the right with my niece Emma.  Twins, huh? (and she's now his full-fledged fiance)

Emma and Stephanie

 David and I had a Christmas party.  First time in 20+ years.  And it was fun!  And get this -- we played a game.  I know -- me!  Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE games.  Games at bridal or baby showers make me want to head for the hills.  My thought is:  why do games?  We want to visit with each other and watch the honoree open gifts and ooh and ahh.  That's it! Oh, and eat cake.  But I digress.

So the "game" we played was with a candy ball.  Pictured above.  I got a ton of candy, nail polish, chapstick, lip gloss, Slim Jim's, etc. and wrapped it in plastic wrap and packing tape.  One person starts to try and unwrap as fast as they can.  They get to keep whatever they unwrap.  All the while the person next to them is frantically trying to roll doubles with a pair of dice.  Once they get doubles, THEY get the candy ball and the person next to them starts rolling the die.

 And then we went to Fremont to spend Christmas with Cheri and Spencer's family.  On Christmas Eve we went to a neighborhood where practically everyone has cartoon characters on their front lawn.  Adam is pictured above with a military Santa.
The day after Christmas we went to San Francisco.  We did the usual tourist stuff and then went to the BYU/Washington pep rally in Union Square.  Our coach, Bronco Mendenhall, was very gracious towards Washington, but their coach didn't mention BYU at all.  He's an interim coach and not very knowledgeable.  Yeah, that's what I'll go with.

The next day the Fight Hunger Bowl was played in the AT&T Giants baseball stadium.  Football on a baseball field.  But they made it work. Or maybe they didn't since BYU lost.  Everyone went to the game except for me and Tanner (3) and Sadie (13 months).  I got to be the babysitter and enjoyed it more than the rest of them enjoyed the game.
 David and I at the youth New Years Eve dance.  So long 2013.  Lots of fun planned for 2014.
Stay tuned.